Aims of the RT AIM

The main goals are :

  • Federate, organize and  enliven the active community of the chemistry of molecular imaging agents
    • By identifying active teams in this field of activity
    • By identifying the scientific challenges to face, including in relation to industrial needs
    • By federating teams around these challenges
  • Promote an interdisciplinary vision of the development of imaging agents
    • Coordinate chemistry-biology-imager (inter-disciplinarity)
    • Foster synergies between teams in order to develop collaborative research projects
    • Identify platforms / expertise available for in vivo evaluation of imaging agents and share this information
    • Develop / coordinate a strategy for participation in research programs both at the national (ANR, PIA) and European levels (H2020)
  • Give visibility to this academic community, which will help to :
    • Facilitate exchanges between academic and industrial actors
    • Be an important contact and share quality information to the public and the medical, scientific and administrative communities

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