Thematic axes

The GDR AIM is declined in three axes
according to the imaging modalities
(optical imaging, MRI and nuclear imaging)
to which are added three transverse axes
(targeting, multimodal and theranostic                                                                                                                                                                                                                          approaches and
These 6 topics are interconnected
and most research teams
are associated with several axes.

                                           Axe                     Animateur
optical probes
Anthony Romieu (Dijon)
IRM probes
Célia Bonnet (Orléans)
Nuclear probes
Sandrine Huclier (Nantes)
Targeting Didier Boturyn (Grenoble)
Nanoparticles probes
Nathalie Mignet (Paris)
Multimodal and theranostic approaches François Lux (Lyon)